Comparison Kia Soul EV 39 kWh vs Sono Sion concept


Sono Sionconcept

Kia Soul EV39 kWh

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Sono Sion concept Kia Soul EV 39 kWh
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Price new 29,000
Price used N/A N/A
Status Available for pre-order Available for pre-order
Years of production 2020 2020
Country of manufacture Germany South Korea
Range WLTP 255 km
277 km
Range NEDC N/A N/A
Battery and Charging
Range EPA N/A N/A
Battery pack capacity 35 kWh
39.2 kWh
On-board charger (AC) 22 kW
7.2 kW
Max charging power (DC) 50 kW 75 kW
Acceleration 0-60 mph
Top speed 87 mph
97 mph
Engine power 107 hp (80 kW)
136 hp (101 kW)
Engine torque 184 lb-ft
291 lb-ft
Efficiency 22.2 kWh/100 mi
22.8 kWh/100 mi
Drive type RWD FWD
Motor type Permanent-magnet Permanent-magnet
Body and Chassis
Dimensions 161.8 x 70.5 x 66.1 165.2 x 70.9 x 63.0
Wheelbase 101 in 102.4 in
Curb weight lb3086 lb3512
Body style Hatchback
Cargo capacity 23 ft3 11 ft3
Towing capacity N/A N/A
Engine Power, kW 80 101
Car Style Hatchback
Sono Sion
Kia Soul EV
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