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Rimac Concept_One

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328 miles

Battery pack capacity

% of the highest result in its group



% of the highest result in its group

Finish flag

Acceleration 0-60 mph

Top speed

Body style coupe


Charge port for USA not-available

Not announced

Charge port for USA type1


Charge Port

Battery and Charging

Range EPA N/A
Range NEDC 217 miles (350 km)
Range WLTP N/A
Battery pack capacity
kWh is a unit of energy, equivalent to the energy transferred in one hour by one kilowatt of power. The average electric car can do around 3 mi (5 km) on 1 kWh of energy.
90 kWh
Max charging power (AC)
Maximum power the car can take when charging from an alternating current power socket. It is determined by the on-board charger power.
22 kW
Max charging power (DC)
Maximum power the car can take when charging at specially designed DC charging stations. Such stations are usually located near the main highways to enable convenient road trips.
120 kW
Avg. charging speed (DC) ~203 mph


Acceleration 0-60 mph 2.4 s
Top speed 221 mph (355 km/h)
Engine power 1224 hp (913 kW)
Engine torque 1180 lb-ft (1600 Nm)
Efficiency 41 kWh/100 miles
Drive type AWD
Motor type
Permanent-magnet motor is good for efficiency, while AC-induction motor can produce greater power.

Body and Chassis

Number of seats 2
Dimensions (LxWxH) 163.2 x 73 x 42.1 in
Wheelbase 100.9 in
Curb weight
Curb weight or kerb weight is the total weight of a vehicle with standard equipment, all necessary operating consumables such as transmission oil and air conditioning refrigerant, while not loaded with either passengers or cargo.
4189 lb
Body style Coupe
Cargo volume
Maximum cargo volume of the vehicle with the seats upright.
Towing capacity N/A

Design 4.7
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Votes: 9
Performance 4.5
Rate this car
Votes: 8
Desirability 4.8
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Votes: 6

About Rimac Concept_One

The Rimac Concept One is a two-seat high-performance electric car designed and manufactured in Croatia by Rimac Automobili. The Concept One was introduced at the 2011 Frankfurt Motor Show. The car was set to cost US$ 980,000 once the serial production started in 2013. A limited production of 88 units was to be offered.
Rimac All Wheel Torque Vectoring is a unique system that creates a new driving experience by utilising the advantages of independent wheel drive of the Concept_One’s four-motor powertrain system. The system provides unseen flexibility and grip by controlling each wheel individually one hundred times per second.
Rimac Automobili’s unique powertrain is divided into four sub-systems. Each system consists of a separate electric powertrain with an independent inverter, motor and gearbox for each wheel of the car. This engineering masterpiece enables us to control each wheel independently, hundreds of times each second, in both directions, delivering an unforgettable driving experience.
Each of the four Concept_One’s motors is coupled to a proprietary gearbox system. While the front motors feature single-speed gearboxes, the rear motors carry something truly unique – a two-speed double-clutch gearbox on each side.
The Concept_One’s battery pack is designed to deliver 1MW of power during acceleration and to absorb 400 kW during braking. A unique liquid thermal management and low-resistance conducting system had to be developed in order to master this challenge. The result is a highly advanced high-performance battery pack that is designed for demanding track-use, high power delivery and safety.
The Concept_One’s timeless design features elegant and emotional lines that are not just beautiful, but also functional. Each surface and air intake serve a delicately balanced purpose – performance and efficiency.
Following the design language of the exterior, the interior incorporates the Rimac Automobili DNA. Hugging the body in bespoke leather trim, the seats position the driver low and close to the centre of gravity of the car, emphasising the chassis information that goes through the drivers lower back and into his arms.
Created from a blank sheet of paper by Rimac Automobili, the Concept_One’s infotainment system features a new and intuitive design to show the telemetry data via graphs and graphics, the state of all of the car’s systems and numerous other functions.
Rimac Automobili Concept_One in action - teaser RimacAutomobili
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