Tesla Cybertruck Tri Motor AWD
Tesla Cybertruck Tri Motor AWD
Tesla Cybertruck Tri Motor AWD side view photo
Tesla Cybertruck Tri Motor AWD rear view photo
Tesla Cybertruck Tri Motor AWD interior

Tesla Cybertruck Tri Motor AWD

* This electric vehicle is a concept
Therefore all the specs for this model are estimates and may change when the production starts.
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Years of Production
2022 Available for pre-order
Country of Manufacture
USA Tesla
Acceleration 0-60 mph
2.9 s 13 out of 225
Real-life figures may differ significantly depending on weather conditions and driving style.
500 miles 3 out of 225
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Acceleration 0-60 mph

Top speed

Body style pickup


Charge port for USA tesla


Charge port for USA not-available

Not announced

Charge Port

Battery and Charging

Range EPA 500 miles (805 km)
Range NEDC N/A
Range WLTP N/A
Battery pack capacity
kWh is a unit of energy, equivalent to the energy transferred in one hour by one kilowatt of power. The average electric car can do around 3 mi (5 km) on 1 kWh of energy.
Max charging power (AC)
Maximum power the car can take when charging from an alternating current power socket. It is determined by the on-board charger power.
Max charging power (DC)
Maximum power the car can take when charging at specially designed DC charging stations. Such stations are usually located near the main highways to enable convenient road trips.
250 kW


Acceleration 0-60 mph 2.9 s
Top speed 130 mph (209 km/h)
Engine power
Tesla doesn’t officially state the engine power of it’s vehicles. The number used here is the max power the battery of the vehicle can deliver to the wheels at one time.
Engine torque N/A
Efficiency N/A
Drive type AWD
Motor type
Permanent-magnet motor is good for efficiency, while AC-induction motor can produce greater power.

Body and Chassis

Number of seats 6
Dimensions (LxWxH) 231.7 x 79.8 x 75 in
Wheelbase N/A
Curb weight
Curb weight or kerb weight is the total weight of a vehicle with standard equipment, all necessary operating consumables such as transmission oil and air conditioning refrigerant, while not loaded with either passengers or cargo.
Body style Pickup
Cargo volume
Maximum cargo volume of the vehicle with the seats upright.
100 ft3
Towing capacity 14000 lb

Design 4.4
Rate this car
Votes: 93
Performance 4.8
Rate this car
Votes: 85
Desirability 4.7
Rate this car
Votes: 89

About Tesla Cybertruck

The first information about the Tesla pickup truck appeared about two years ago during the presentation of the Semi tractor. Since then, Elon Musk has repeatedly fueled interest in the electric car, dubbed the CYBERTRUCK. For example, it was reported that the design of the pickup truck was inspired by the sci-fi movie "Blade Runner", and outwardly the electric car would resemble a futuristic armored personnel carrier, not a pickup truck in the usual sense. What Tesla showed during the presentation is consistent with such a description.
Bodywork and design
According to Elon Musk, all modern pickups are alike. Therefore, one of the goals of the CYBRTRCK project was to create an absolutely original electric car. It is worth noting that the silhouette and body lines of the new Tesla are simple and concise, but the electric car still looks more “futuristic” than many concept cars of other automakers that will never enter the market.

The power structure of the CYBRTRCK body deserves special attention. For maximum durability and protection of passengers in the cabin, the body of the electric car is created according to the exoskeleton scheme. The body panels are made of heavy-duty cold-rolled steel - during the presentation, the body did not receive damage from hammer blows. It is alleged that steel will withstand a direct hit from a 9 mm firearm. Also, the Tesla Armor Glass, previously intended for the Tesla Semi tractor unit, will be available for CYBRTRCK.

It’s no secret that pickups are used as “workhorses”, and often on such cars they overcome serious impassability. With such a margin of safety, the Tesla pickup truck will not be afraid of any blows of fate, starting with scratches from branches on forest roads and ending with much more serious tests.
Dynamics, power reserve and modifications
Tesla pickup truck has something to boast not only on the roads but also on a flat highway. The most powerful modification of the CYBRTRCK accelerates from standstill to 60 mph (96 km / h) in 2.9 seconds. - during the presentation, the manufacturer demonstrated the dynamics in the video of the pickup against the Porsche 911 at a distance of 402 meters, in which the electric car won.

The power of the CYBRTRCK is especially clear when you look at the traction characteristics. A pickup truck is capable of towing a cargo weighing more than 6 tons.
cybertruck Alexander Marchenkov
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Tesla Cybertruck Timeline

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Model minor updateModel Minor Update
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All eventsAll events
2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020

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