24 July 2019
I bought this 500e in 2017. Actually, I traded my former gas Fiat 500 for this electric thing just to try it for a while. The experiment still goes well - I got adopted for all those future things. Can’t imagine anything else than plugging the car for a charge just like the iPhone and a laptop. 
The car itself is very good, really worth its money. Very firm ride, stylish ext and interior looking almost identical to the regular 500 with a million of tasty details. 
I got it brand new at the local dealer and drove approx 13k miles so far, so nothing had ever broken down. Regular maintenance is just nothing compared to a gasoline car - guys just checked that it’s ok here and there, fluids level good, brake pads look like never being used (thanks to recuperation), and here are your keys you may go. 
As a regular Fiat 500 this thing handles amazingly! I’m kinda fan of 500s (my previous gas one was second already. Wish I could get an Abarth as the addition to 500e). It’s not only because of extraordinary design but also thanks to how incredible it feels to attack fast corners behind its wheel. You feel it on tips of your fingers, it turns right at the moment you think it’s time to turn. Try it before you buy one, and I bet you’ll buy one if you love driving even a little.