24 July 2019
TORQUE! I have so much torque I can share it with your… well with any gas or diesel car. No offense. 
My Model S Performance delivery was about two weeks ago and I am still happy as a child. I am not 100% sure but I think fighter jet pilots experience the same feelings launching off as I do after every single stop. Every. Single. Stop. It’s just impossible not to hit the pedal when you have so much powerrrr under your shoe. Ludicrous pack worth every single euro I paid for it. Pure emotions is the thing we will never regret, and for me Tesla acceleration is somewhere between a flight to the space and unlimited entrance to Disneyland when you are six. 
If we forget the dynamics for a while (it’s extremely tough but I’ll try), Model S is an extremely good car overall. Very nice interior with incredible touchscreen. It requires some practice, but when you are used to it it’s a total win. Firm seating and a lot of space for any passenger and their stuff in cargo space. Euro NCAP says it’s one of the most safe cars ever. And here’s the thing I love a lot (next to acceleration) - Tesla mobile app. I launch pre conditioning, drink my morning coffee, unplug the car and enter the comfortable interior every day no matter the weather. 
Autopilot is another thing helping a lot. My everyday route goes on autobahn and it’s about 30 km in one direction, so it counts for 60 km per day including the drive after long day at work. With today’s stage of autopilot such travel is nothing but a pleasant vacation - it drives just perfectly, asking me only to keep the hands on the wheel. I’m absolutely sure in its performance and yet never been scared by its work. 
So I highly recommend considering the Model S as your next purchase. It’s a vehicle of our future and you have a chance to experience it now. Any trim is good - but I insist on Performance version, as a pure pleasure.