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Tesla Model 3 Mid RangeTesla Model 3 Mid Range

Tesla Model 3 Mid Range, 2018

Пробег:28,254 км
425 км
Макс. скорость
225 км/ч
Разгон 0-100 км/ч
5.1 с
62 кВт⋅ч
Цвет автомобиля
Obsidian Black Metallic
Цвет интерьера
Premium Black Leatherette

MSRP: $53,700.00  - EPA Estimated 264MI Range - 15” Touchscreen Display - Navigation System -  Front & Rear Parking Sensors - Heated Front & Rear Seats - Wifi HotSpot - 19” Sport Style Wheels -  Decorated Carbon Fiber Interior Panels -  **Carfax Certified Vehicle**   Our beautiful 2018 Tesla Model 3 Mid Range Battery comes equipped with:   - Stand Alone Options - - Enhanced Autopilot Feature     Self-parking    4 Exterior Cameras    Traffic Aware Cruise Control   Lane Keep w/Automatic Steering    12 Ultrasonic Sensors 360 Degree Coverage - 19” Sport Style Wheels  - Automatic Transmission  - Glass Roof w/Sunroof  - 15” Touchsreeen Display  - Navigation System  - Wifi HotSpot  - Back Up Camera  - Side & Front View Cameras  - Active Blind Spot Detection  - Forward Collision Mitigation  - Rear Collision Warning  - Front & Rear Parking Sensors  - Leatherette Steering Wheel  - Heated Front & Rear Seats  - Lumbar Support  - Push to Start  - Comfort Access Keyless Entry  - Auto Dimming Mirrors  - Power Front Seats  - Automatic Climate Control  - Split Fold Rear Seats  - Speakers Subwoofer  - Adaptive LED Lights  - Automatic Highbeams  - Alcantara Cloth Headliner  - Smartphone Integration  - Hands-free Bluetooth w/Voice Active Controls     THIS VEHICLE HAS BEEN APPLIED WITH CILAJET AVIATION GRADE PAINT AND SURFACE PROTECTANT.  CILAJET PROTECTS FROM BIRD DOOKIE, INSECTS, TREE SAP, ACID RAIN, HARD WATER SPOTS, MINERAL DEPOSITS AND ENVIRONMENTAL CONTAMINANTS.  THE CILAJET APPLICATION COMES WITH A 1 YEAR WARRANTY FROM DATE OF SALE. THIS IS APPLIED DUE TO THE FACT THAT WE WANT TO KEEP THE PAINT ON THIS CAR SEXY SO YOU FEEL THE SAME WAY.  PLEASE ADD $989.00 TO THE INTERNET PRICE OF THE VEHICLE. YOU HAVE THE ABILITY TO KEEP IT SEXY FOR 1 ADDITIONAL YEAR AT A MINIMUM COST. PLEASE ASK YOUR PRODUCT SPECIALIST FOR MORE DETAILS   A SELECTED NUMBER OF OUR VEHICLES ARE PHOTOGRAPHED WITH POWDER COATED WHEELS.  THESE POWDER COATED WHEELS ARE NOT INCLUDED IN THE SALE PRICE.  THE SALE PRICE INCLUDES THE ORIGINAL FACTORY WHEELS.  BUYERS HAVE THE OPTION TO UPGRADE THEIR PURCHASE TO POWDER COATED WHEELS AT AN ADDITIONAL COST OF $1,295.00.


  • Tire Pressure Warning
    Audio and cruise controls on steering wheel
    Pre-collision safety system
    Stability Control
    Heated seats
    Mobile Internet
    Auto Climate Control
    Adaptive Cruise Control
    Power Driver Seat
    Upgraded Headlights
    Electronic Folding Mirrors
    Multi-Zone Climate Control
    USB Inputs
    Rear Bench Seats
    Back-up camera
    Parking sensors
    Fold Flat Rear Seats

Об этом электромобиле

Tesla Model 3 Mid Range оснащена батареей 62 кВт⋅ч, которая обеспечивает максимальный пробег до 425 км.

Электромобиль оборудован Permanent-magnet двигателем с мощностью 258 л.с. (192 кВт) и крутящим моментом 416 Нм.

Разгон 0-100 км/ч занимает 5.1 с, а максимальная скорость составляет 225 км/ч.

Максимальная скорость зарядки AC составляет 11.5 кВт или 250 кВт при зарядки от быстрых DC-станций.

It can tow up to 907 кг.

$ 34 900
Tesla Model 3 Mid Range

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