About EV Compare

EV Compare is an international electric car database, marketplace and community. It focuses solely on battery electric vehicles (BEVs). This means that there are no gasoline/diesel or hybrid models.

EV Compare is completely independent: we do not advertise or promote any specific automaker. We just collect and organize information on the most popular electric vehicles of the past, present and future.

Our Team

Alexey, Business Developer at EV Compare
Business Developer
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Product Manager
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Project Specialist
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EV database

Compare more than 332 electric cars all in one place
  • Use the filters or the search bar to find the electric vehicle you are looking for. Search by make, body style, drive type, range, and price;
  • Get an easy-to-read overview of technical specifications, including EV specific information like range, battery pack capacity, charge port type, charging speed, efficiency;
  • Enjoy high-quality photos, which give a 360-degree view of the car and its interior;
  • Watch Youtube video reviews of the car to understand how it performs on the road;
  • Examine the safety ratings provided by NHTSA and Euro NCAP;
  • Learn how much you can save in your state by using our EV incentives map;
  • Take a look at the car’s charging stats to find out how long does it take to charge it at home;
  • Use our comparison table to compare electric vehicles side-by-side and figure out the best-in-class.

EV marketplace

Find the best deal for your perfect electric car
  • Get the compilation of deals from eBay, Cars.com, Edmunds, and independent dealers;
  • Compare them on one chart to find the greatest deals with the best price/mileage ratio.

EV community

Exchange EV knowledge with other owners from all over the world
  • Use the Disqus widget located at the bottom of each page to share your experience, ask a question, leave a comment or make a suggestion.
  • Rate electric cars by assessing their design, performance, and desirability.

Why are we doing it?

We strongly believe the transition to electric vehicles is inevitable and we want to make it happen as soon as possible. Our team has built this website in order to debunk popular myths concerning EVs and help people learn about the advantages of going 100% electric. Our main goal is to create a world-class online service which will help to find a perfect car for everyone.

8 Reasons why your next car should be electric

Nearly all automakers have announced plans to electrify their model range
Electric cars are more reliable and require much less maintenance
Electricity is much cheaper than gasoline
Zero tailpipe emissions and noise
Instant torque delivers quick acceleration
EVs that support DC charging can charge up to 80% in just 30 minutes
Modern EV models can go more than 300 miles (500km) on one charge
Electric cars are more suitable for autopilot integration than their gasoline rivals

How we are funded

EV Compare is completely independent and free: it is not funded or subsidized by any car manufacturer, and anyone can enjoy the full functionality.

The website revenue is currently generated in two ways:
  1. Earnings from referral links to eBay, Edmunds, Cars.com;
  2. Google Ads.
So if you like what we do and want to support our website, please consider the following:
  1. Use our referral links to car selling platforms;
  2. Turn off your adblocker or whitelist EV Compare :)

You may write us your suggestions, comments and questions. We are open to your proposals for new features, and we are eager to cooperate.