24 July 2019
Purchased this Audi at the end of June 2019. It’s my first electric vehicle and I should say I like it very much, although drove just around 1k miles. 
My goal actually was to try an electric car, but not grabbing too much attention. I don’t like Teslas btw, they are simply not exciting for me as the car itself. Also I wished my first EV to look not like an EV - I’d prefer something closer to a regular SUV from a popular brand.
e-tron has anything to meet my requirements. It looks like a regular Audi suv, and I’ve already been asked twice if that’s a new Q7. I love Audi, I had a couple of those before (A6 and TT) and I should say it’s always a great value for its money. e-tron seems the same so far, but we will see. 
I charge it with a 22kw home station at my garage. I actually never counted how long does it take to charge it up - I just come home, plug it in and let the electronics do its job. So every day I get a 100% charged vehicle. My typical daily drive is only about 15-20 miles, so I never experienced a range anxiety yet. Should I take a road trip?
According the interior and the ride experience I should say it’s a typical Audi. Very comfy, not annoying at all. Electric drivetrain has a great amount of torque and it never feels like it’s short of power. I’d also contribute to a great HVAC unit, that works just perfectly - that’s the thing anyone would like here in Germany. 
Probably that’s it for now, since I’m not very much experienced with the car. That’s my first EV so I’m much excited about anything it has, and I’m gonna getting into it further and share my findings here.