22 July 2019
I bought this pre-owned BMW last January. It was a perfect match for me since I’ve been looking for an outstanding car to drive around Palo Alto. Considering my daily drive to be slightly over 40 miles when I approach home, an electric car was ok for me. 
Actually bmw didn’t give any kind of choice when it came to electric car, but still an i3 was exactly what I’ve been looking for - a car that differs from the line of sedans, SUVs, trucks and traditional hatchbacks. 
My i3 has 22kw battery and isn’t equipped with Rex (optional gas-powered range extender for those who need to feel more secured… or just drive a lot and don’t like Tesla). It provides about 80 miles of range that’s good for me. Chargepoint plugs are always near to help with DC. It takes about 30 mins to get the i3 from 20 to 80%. From the day one with my i3 I charged it at home maybe twice - fast DC chargers is all you need. 
Despite all that futuristic look I’m still a fan of the extremely cozy interior with huge part of recycled stuff, the i3 feels and drives like a proper BMW. Previously I owned 328i and 535i so I know what I’m talking about. Steering is perfect, huge thanks to low center of gravity with the battery under the floor. Even though i3 has some weird sh*t instead of normal wheels (seriously, why’d they need such unique size?) I keep thinking to myself how much I love steering this car when going through corners. 
Rear mounted electric motor give this beauty a good jump from the start - it makes 0-60 mph in approx 7 seconds. Totally love it. Try to keep up with your gas clunker going through all that combustion, gearbox, blah blah blah… I’m already doing 60, are you even planning to depart?
So, for me this car is incredible. It made me love the idea of an electric car itself. There is enough range for most of us, there are many charging stations around, there is a socket at your home finally… I like passing gas stations without a need to smell fumes. i3 is like a smartphone - don’t forget to plug it in before you go to sleep and than have a good day.