12 July 2019
Why Did I Buy It? 
Tesla has always been my wet dream. However, Model S was far out of my budget and too big for me. I’m 23 and the sporty Model 3 suits me way better.

So when I learned about the Tesla Model 3, I knew I’d have this car one way or another. And I immediately started saving money on school lunches (just kidding). There was a long waiting list for the expensive Long Range version but I waited patiently for the promised base $35,000 version to appear in the Tesla Design studio.

Finally, I managed to get my black Standard Range Plus right on time, before the federal EV tax credit was halved to $1,875. It was good value for money and much easier to get than the $35k Standard Range version, which is available only as an off-the-menu item.

My First Impressions
It was just love at first sight: My first all-electric vehicle. My old 2009 BMW X3 just can’t compare. I get into my car. I hit the gas and I am hooked right away. The car reacts lightning fast. By the way, I got used to the lack of an instrument panel in minutes. And yes, it has an autopilot. Nothing more to say here.

What is the difference between the Standard Range Plus and the Long Range version?
  1. Smaller battery
  2. Less powerful engine
  3. No premium audio
  4. Only front seats are heated
But it still has
  1. Glass roof
  2. Power adjustable heated front seats
  3. Premium seat material and trim
  4. LED fog lamps
  5. Custom driver profiles
  6. Autopilot (included into the price)
s-l1600 (3).jpg

My thoughts after one month of driving it:
  • Warning! Instant torque is extremely addictive. No car with an ICE can compare to the instant torque available on this car. And thanks to the low center of gravity, the handling is superb.
  • The one thing I don’t like is the awkward door handle design. Why not make them similar to the S/X?
  • The center console shows every fingerprint and smudge. I recommend buying a matte kit.
  • Autopilot is good, but it can’t drive the car 100% of the time. You still need to pay attention to it. It can be useful on highways, but not in city driving – yet.
  • The touch screen is awesome and the controls are very intuitive. No need for buttons. Perfect.
  • The trunk is quite large for a mid-sized sedan. The front trunk is really convenient. I use it to carry charging cables, shopping bags, and my backpack.
All in all, if you're considering a Model 3 - don't think, go ahead and buy one. You'll never regret it.